Promoting Future Digital Social Entrepreneurs

This project has been co-funded from the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Commission.

Social Entrepreneurship

Encourage young people (undergraduates, unemployed graduates or young migrants) to develop their skills for digital social entrepreneurship.

Skill Improvement

Improvement of social entrepreneurship skills, financial skills, digital media skills, digital marketing skills & multicultural awareness skills of youth undergraduates and NEETs.

Unemployment Rate

Encourage youth people to establish their own enterprises and contribute to the decrease of the unemployment rate among youth, especially NEETs.


Through the project we aim to encourage young people (undergraduates, unemployed graduates or young migrants) to develop their skills for digital social entrepreneurship. These certain skills are required to create and develop a digital social enterprise up-to-date and range from those for promoting social inclusion such as life skills, social skills and work skills to support entry in the labour market.The most relevant priority of the project is "YOUTH: Promoting entrepreneurship education and social entrepreneurship among young people". Youth entrepreneurship is a valuable tool to combat youth unemployment and social exclusion as well as stimulating innovation among young people. Lastly, one of the project's priority is linked to open and innovative practices in a digital era. Rapidly changing technology has affected the functions and working styles in entrepreneurship as well as almost in every business branch.


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Through the project, it will be developed training materials encompassing “new media skills, financial literacy, knowledge about entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship, multicultural awareness and knowledge about digital marketing”.



Need analysis report

A desk research on training opportunities on youth's entrepreneurial skills will be implemented, and in the report it will be also included the content of training and legislation for social entrepreneurship . A desk research report will be also conducted, in order to understand the legal base of social entrepreneurship and the economical support provided to social entrepreneurs.

Good practices and interviews with role models

Youth will familiarize with the concept of social entrepreneurship and they will be inspired from good practices and successful social entrepreneurs and digital marketing experts. This output will contain best practices to show how the ideas of social entrepreneurs have been prepared and role models from social entrepreneurs and digital media experts.

Trainers' handbook

Final product of this project is a handbook which is useful for trainers, who would like to train youth to become a social entrepreneur. This way the trainers will have extra materials to use in their courses related with social entrepreneurship.

Training materials on Social entrepreneurship and digital marketing

The training materials will be developed in the following areas: Social entrepreneurship, Financial Literacy ,Digital Marketing ,Multicultural awareness.

E-learning platform

Website of the project including e-learning platform is developed for the needs of the project, where youth are able to attend the on-line courses and receive training from a distance]. The e-learning platform provides open on-line courses and also includes an e-library with important and relevant resources. These open on-line courses are available for everyone.


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